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From four-legged fur babies to Supreme Champion Sires, my greatest passion is livestock and pet photography. If you are looking for candid shots of your herd to hang in your home or high-quality photos of stock for an advertisement, then I am your girl! I have experience photographing a wide range of animal species from domestic to exotic. I will take the time to capture the right moment for your needs, no matter how big or how small the subject. Check out my photography portfolio to view some of my favorite critters I’ve captured so far! VIEW PHOTOS

The possibilities are endless once you have an eye-catching and effective logo. My aim is to create versatile logos that can be used on digital media, print publications, promotional pieces and any other medium you may utilize for your farm. I have compiled a selection of my previous work samples so that you can see how each design is unique, tailored to the individual clients needs and comprised of elements that signify their own story. VIEW LOGOS

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If you are a little old-fashioned like me, then print publications is where it’s at! From business cards, magazine ads and flyers to brochures, sale pamphlets and banners these work samples are tangible products that highlight your operation. Do you have a special need that you don’t find listed in these work samples? No worries, just contact me and I will see what I can do! VIEW PUBLICATIONS

It seems like everything today is online and I want to help make sure your story is told even in the digital age. I believe an easy to use, but professional website is a must for any operation, big or small, so that potential customers can learn about you and everything you offer. I can also help you jump into the world of social media, E-Newsletters, online advertising and so much more! Check out some of my work that you may have seen around the web. VIEW DIGITAL MEDIA

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